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16 Delicious Meal Replacement Shake Recipes For a Healthy Summer

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16 Delicious Meal Replacement Shake Recipes For a Healthy Summer

Oh sweet summer. It’s full of long days, lots of activity, and heat. That combination means you need energy to get through the work day and then spend those extra hours of evening daylight getting an outdoor workout in, cooking up an al fresco dinner with family and friends, and spending countless hours running around on the beach and swimming in the ocean on the weekend. That’s where meal replacement shake recipes come in.

Shakes are perfect for adding to your healthy summer lifestyle because they’re cooling and slimming. They fill you up with delicious, nourishing ingredients that will keep bloat at bay, are perfect for a busy lifestyle since you can sip on the go, and allow you to keep from overheating in a hot boardroom meeting or with the sun shining down by the swimming pool.

Need a little inspiration? The following 16 meal replacement shake recipes cover a little bit of everything, from satisfying your sweet tooth to providing you a caffeine boost, and options for vegans as well. So whether you want to drink something satisfying prior to your workout in the morning, or at your desk during lunch, these are the healthiest ways to fill up without weighing you down.


So go ahead and enjoy these wonderful meal replacement shakes without any guilt, plus all the excitement that comes with fun colors, from a mean green machine to a fruity, tropical paradise in a cup.

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