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Summer Arms Challenge – Seven Day Arm Workout Routine for Women


Summer Arms Challenge – Seven Day Arm Workout Routine for Women

Summer or not, there’s no better time than the present to get beautifully toned and defined armsThis arms challenge is designed to last for 7 days, but there’s no need to stop there! You can easily incorporate these workouts into your normal routine once the challenge has ended. After the 7-day arms challenge, you can choose two workouts to do each week.  Any of these routines can be done at home or in the gym.

Your diet plays a key role in fat loss and how your body looks. Here are some tips to accompany your workout:

1. Drink water. It’s a good idea to have water around. Drink several or more glasses throughout the day, about 2.5 liters total. How do you know if you’re hydrated? If your urine color is clear or nearly clear, you are likely drinking enough water.


2. Give up soda, including diet soda!

3. Avoid junk food and fast food.

4. Eat more fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, and lean protein. Avoid processed foods packed with sodium and refined sugar.

5. Eat smaller portions, about the size of your fist.  We should eat 5-6 small meals each day and never have hunger pangs.

6. Read labels and look at the ingredient list.  If the product contains refined sugar, enriched white flour, or high sodium, these are foods best left on the shelf.

The Routine

Equipment needed: 2 to 4 sets of dumbbells of varying weights, a yoga mat, a kitchen chair or flat bench, an exercise ball (optional), interval timer (GymBoss) or a stopwatch.

What to do:  Watch the instructional videos below, prior to beginning your daily workout.

Perform 3 circuits of the following arms routine:

Tricep Push-ups – 12 reps

Rest 20 seconds.

Bicep curls – 12 reps

Rest 20 seconds.

Tricep Kickbacks – 12 reps each arm. Complete 12 reps total for each arm.  It’s okay to either perform one type or combine the three types of kickbacks in the video. Only 12 reps total per side.

Rest 1 minute.


Tricep Dips – 20 reps

Rest 1 minute before beginning the 4 Minute Fat Blaster.

4-Minute Fat Blaster (see video below). Also known by its official name, Tabata Intervals. You will perform the circuit 2 times which totals 4 minutes. This routine is designed to continue burning fat for up to 24 hours.

Tabata Formula:
Complete routine 2 times. Follow the video.
20 seconds of exercise + 10 seconds rest = 30 seconds
30 x 8 (exercises) = 240 seconds / 60 seconds = 4 minutes


Rest/Recovery Day


Complete the following arms circuit 4 times:

Tricep Extensions – 12 reps

Rest 15 seconds.

Bicep Concentration Curls – 10 reps each arm

Rest 15 seconds.

Tricep Dips – 20 reps

Rest – 15 seconds.

Bicep Hammer Curls – 12 reps

Rest 1 minute.


Complete the following arms circuit 3 times:

Tricep Pushup – 12 reps

Bicep Curls – 15 reps

Lying Tricep Extensions – 15 reps

Rest 1 minute.


4 Minute Fat Blaster (see video below)

Rest 5 minutes.

Complete the following circuit 2 times:

Bicep Curls – 20 reps

Rest 20 seconds.

Tricep Kickbacks – 20 reps each arm.

Rest 20 seconds.


Complete the following circuit 4 times.

Tricep Dips – Failure (as many as you can do)

Rest 20 seconds.

Bicep Hammer Curls – 15 reps

Rest 1 minute.

Proceed to Page 2 for instructional videos…


Arms Challenge Instructional Videos

Monday; Friday – Tricep Push-ups

Monday; Friday; Saturday – Bicep Curls

Monday; Saturday – Tricep Kickbacks

Tuesday; Thursday; Sunday – Tricep Dips

Tuesday; Saturday – 4 Minute Fat Blaster

Thursday – Tricep Extensions

Friday – Lying Tricep Extensions

Thursday; Sunday – Hammer Curls

Thursday – Concentration Curls

Keep in mind that consistency is key! Put in the work and it will pay off. Rome wasn’t built in a day; Your arms won’t be either. Don’t be afraid to push yourself, ladies! Heavier weights will lead to more toned muscle!

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What did you think about this Arms Challenge? We’re sure some of these routines will turn into your favorite arm day workout! Want more fitness challenges? Let us know! We love hearing from our readers.

Editor’s Note: Originally published May 18, 2014

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